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As a member you can support us and have an influence in the association’s activies. The support of our members has a direct impact on the association’s capability to function efficiently. As a member you also have access to member benefits and our advocacy shirt, which changes annually and is available only for members.

Vapers Finland has three membership categories of which two include a right to vote.


Full member

As a full member you accept the purpose and rules of Vapers Finland. You may fill the membership application form on our web page. The approval of the application is made by the board. A full member has the right to vote.

Membership fee is 15€ / year

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Supporting member

As a supporting member can be accepted an individual or an organisation/company (e.g. electronic cigarette company), which wants to support Vapers Finland’s purposes and activity. You can fill the membership application form in our web page. A supporting member has a right to speech but not to vote.

Membership fee is 100€ / year

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Vapers Finland ry funds its operations by collecting membership fees, from both regular and supporting members, and by selling merchandise designed around the association. In addition to these fundraising methods, we can accept donations. The fact of the matter is, that even though our member base is large and passionate, we could not operate without the continued support of the entire scene being behind and next to us. We’ve come a long way, but there are still a multitude of hurdles to overcome. This is why Your continued support is needed and appreciated.

IF you wish to make a donation, you may do so with the banking details listed below. You can also donate completely anonymously if you so wish. Please make sure to mention this in the message field of the payment

Recipient: Vapers Finland ry
Acc #: FI8713693000132537

Our association -and indeed the entire scene counting on us- THANK YOU!

Jarmo Heiskanen
Chairman of the board, president
Vapers Finland Ry

Honorary member

An honorary member can be an individual or an organisation/company, who has significantly promoted the same aims and goals as Vapers Finland. The board of Vapers Finland chooses the recipients of the title of Honorary Member. Therefore you cannot make an application for this title. This title does not expire. Honorary member(s) have voting rights.

No membership fee.


Resigning or dismissal of member or membership

The member may resign from the association at any time by submitting a written notice to the board or directly to the chairman. In practice a non-formal e-mail is sufficient. You may send an e-mail to the board or to the chairman Optionally, you may also announce your resignation in a membership meeting. No explanation or reason is required, although preferred. Already paid membership fees will not be refunded although you must request to terminate your membership before the expiry of the current membership period.

The board may also dismiss the member for any of following reasons:
  • The membership fee is not paid on the agreed date or in full.
  • The member has not fulfilled his/her responsibilities that he/she has adhered to by joining the association.
  • The member has caused harm to the association by his/her conduct within or outside the association.
  • The member no longer fulfils the membership requirements set by the law or association rules.

Memberships can be terminated by the board in a joint meeting.